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Best Curtains Dubai is the top-rated provider of highly-functional and durable Blackout Curtains in the whole United Arab Emirates.

Best Blackout Curtains Dubai

We Are The Best Blackout Curtains Provider In Dubai

Our blackout window curtains are the ideal choice for covering and beautifying your windows. These curtains offer 100% room darkening, noise reduction, and energy efficiency therefore will surely improve the comfort of your interiors.

Our curtains provide complete and flawless light blockage.

They insulate your rooms and help lessen energy expenses.

These curtains are available in trendy styles and colors.

We Have Been Providing Premium Curtains For Over 15 Years

Our Latest Blackout Curtains Collection

Why Choose Us?

Best Curtains Dubai is a leading company providing innovative window treatment products and services. We offer the finest and most suitable room darkening curtain varieties for both homes and offices. Our curtains will make your interiors comfy, cozy, warm and stylish and also improve their energy efficiency. These thick-fiber, beautiful curtains come in endless color, pattern, print, and design ranges. In addition to ready-made curtain options, we also offer customized dark curtains for unique interior styling and added benefits. Request a free quote and get the finest curtain services at reasonable rates.

Explore The Latest Blackout Curtain Styles We Offer

At our curtain shop, you can find every desired curtain type with different room darkening levels. Besides, we provide multiple fabric thickness options and designs according to your preferences.

Modern Blackout Drapes

Available in motorized, thermal, rod pocket and tailored pleat styles.

Traditional Room-Darkening Curtains

Available in pinch pleat, pencil pleat, grommet and embroidered styles.

Elegant Blackout Curtains Dubai

Providing Premium-quality & Versatile Blackout Fabrics

We make use of high-quality Cotton, Silk, Polyester, Microfiber, Linen, Velvet, Nylon, Felt and blends of cotton and polyester to make room darkening curtains. These curtains also have a thick and durable lining which is made of Polyester, Foam, Acrylic or Black Opaque Membrane.

All of our blackout room curtains provide 100% light and noise blockage and add warmth to the interiors. If you want moderate darkness and privacy, you can shop for our room-darkening or light filtering curtains to get the desired interior atmosphere.

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Get Skillful Curtain Installations From Us

Best Curtains Dubai also provides you with affordable, quick, and efficient installation and fitting services for blackout room curtains.

Our services are flawless and will ensure that you get maximum benefits from the new window treatment. We also provide all kinds of design customizations and accessorizing services for blackout drapes, so that you can create your dream interior looks with ease. Our curtain servicing will benefit you with improved insulation, privacy protection, and reduced energy expenses. In addition we offer free window measurement services to help you with suitable curtain purchases. Also, you can buy all kinds of curtain hardware and accessories from us at cheap rates.



Core Benefits Of Our Blackout Window Treatments

Our blackout room drapes are the most beneficial choice for treating both your residential and commercial windows. These window curtains are a long-term favorable home improvement and can instantly transform any and every interior decor. Up ahead are some of the amazing reasons why you should invest in these window curtains.

  • With the most effective light blockage, these curtains help fix your sleep cycles and improve your sleep quality, ideal choice for night shift workers.
  • These curtains will provide you with completely disruption-free interiors by blocking all the noises coming from outside while also improving your indoor air quality.
  • In addition to using our blackout curtains for bedrooms, you can install them in living rooms, home offices, media rooms, nurseries, theaters and outdoors.
  • These curtains reduce the sunlight glare and optimize your room temperature. You can make your rooms warm and cool with these curtains, depending on the requirements.
  • These thick and opaque curtains provide maximum privacy protection and can provide you with an isolated space for reading, resting, working or watching TV.
  • Our Blackout curtains Dubai price is super affordable and these curtains will serve you for the longest periods of time with minimal maintenance requirements.

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

Blackout drapes should be dusted and vacuum cleaned every other day for maintaining a tidy look. As for deep cleaning, you can wash the curtains in a machine on a gentle cycle using cold water. Additionally, these curtains can be dry cleaned as well.

Our blackout window curtains are designed to block 100% of the sunlight and other artificial lights. In addition, these curtains also block most of the outside noise and temperature intensity. If you don’t want a complete blackout, you can get room-darkening drapes.

Our experts recommend having blackout curtains that are up to 10 inches wider than the window frame for complete coverage and effective room darkening. Such a sizing approach will provide you with maximum privacy protection and peace of mind.

Blackout room curtains come in two main versions which are lined and unlined. Lined curtains are more effective at light blocking. You can make a selection in accordance with your room darkening and temperature optimization preferences.

In general, a blackout curtain installation project gets completed in 3 to 4 hours, depending on the number and shape of windows. Even if you’re getting the treatment for your entire home’s windows treated, the project is likely to be completed in 2 days.


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